An up and down weekend for Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha in Deschambault
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An up and down weekend for Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha in Deschambault

Round 8 of the Rockstar MX Tour in a hot and humid Deschambault, Quebec,
didn’t quite turn out to be the weekend Matt Goerke and Dillan Epstein needed
if they were going to improve on their points standings in the 450 Pro title
hunt before the series heads into its final round on Saturday, August 18th.
Although the day started favourably enough for the Rockstar Energy OTSFF Yamaha
riders, the end results were disappointing, especially for Epstein.


While Goerke managed to salvage 4-4 motos, which saw him seal the
top-five overall in fifth place, Epstein had to settle for a distant 14th
overall. The Californian, who delivered an impressive third place finish in
Moto 1, saw a sixth place start in Moto 2 evaporate on the first lap. Epstein
was pushing hard to connect with the frontrunners when his front wheel hit
something on the down side of a landing. This deflected him over the bars and
to the ground, where he hit hard, leaving him unable to rejoin the fray.
Although he is expected to race at the final round in Walton, this turn of events left him with only a slim
chance to wrap up the season with a fifth place in the final points standings. Epstein
currently sits in sixth place. He has enough points to his credit, however, to
secure that position regardless of how he finishes in Walton.


Goerke’s results, meanwhile, were good enough to maintain his current
fourth place points standing.  With 372
points, he sits seven points down from third place Kaven Benoit; five points up
from fifth place Tyler Medaglia. Mathematically, the Florida native could still
finish the season with a No.2 ranking or even No.1 again, depending on how Cole
Thompson and Colton Facciotti perform at the final round in Walton. Second in
the points Thompson has accumulated 384 points. Facciotti sits at the top of
the scoreboard with 406 points. Realistically, Goerke needs a clean sweep in
Walton to keep the title for another year. Facciotti and Thompson, however,
will have to be the victims of a worst-case scenario in at least one moto.


In Sunday’s action – Deschambault MX was the only venue to not run a
national on a Saturday this season – the start of the first moto had all the
usual suspects pouring on the gas to try and secure a position in the top five.
Goerke and Epstein weren’t quite there, but close enough with a sixth and
seventh respectively. By the halfway mark of the moto a hard charging Goerke
was running in fourth while an equally hard charging Epstein had taken over
third. They would hold those positions until the finish line behind second
place Cole Thompson and first place Kaven Benoit.


The second moto start saw both Goerke and Epstein in good position, with
Goerke in third place and Epstein just behind him. By the second lap Goerke had
been relegated to fifth, however, after he made an error and went down. Epstein, meanwhile, found himself the
victim of Murphy’s Law. Goerke remained in fifth for most of the moto, hounding
a super motivated Jacob Hayes, who was running behind Tyler Medaglia, Thompson,
and leader of the pack Facciotti. It took till the final lap for Goerke to get
by Hayes, which meant his fourth overall on the day was a done deal.


was a rocky weekend for us and not the weekend we were looking for. But this is
racing and we have to keep our heads up and look forward to Walton, after a
week off. Points are still up for grabs and anything can happen,” team manager
Steve Simms said.


The Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series wraps
up on Saturday, August 18th, with
Round 9 of the MX Tour at Walton Raceway in Walton, Ontario.


(For Round 8 results please see
next page.)

MX Tour
450 Pro – Round 8


1. Cole Thompson (KTM)       2-2

2. Colton
Facciotti (Hon)         6-1 

3. Kaven Benoit (KTM)           1-6

4. Tyler Medaglia (Kaw)          5-3

5. Matt Goerke (Yam)           

6. Jacob Hayes (Kaw)                          7-5

7. Cade Clason (Hon)               8-8

8. Chris Canning (KTM)         

9. Ryan Dowd (KTM)                       12-7

10. Dave Blanchet (Kaw)       11-10

Dillan Epstein (Yam)     3-DNF


MX Tour 450
Pro Points Standings after 8 of 9 Rounds


1. Colton Facciotti (Hon)                   406 pts

2. Cole Thompson (KTM)                 384 

3. Kaven Benoit (KTM)                     379                   

4. Matt Goerke (Yam)                      372 (-34)  

5. Tyler Medaglia (Kaw)                    367                          

6. Dillan Epstein (Yam)                   313 (-93)

7. Keylan Meston (Husq)                  264

8. Cade Clason (Hon)                         236

9. Ryan Lalonde (Kaw)                      187

10. Mike Alessi (Kaw)                       165