The Rockstar Energy Canadian Motocross National Series made its third stop of the season yesterday in Calgary Alberta.  Blue skies and a beautifully groomed track greeted riders and fans.  Christophe Pourcel had plans to continue his winning streak from the past two rounds where he finished 1st overall, but this would not be the case in Calgary. 


Pourcel: “I felt okay in the first moto, I really wanted to catch up to the guys out front but I couldn’t quite manage to make my way up to 1st place. I had to settle for 3rd place but I was really looking forward to doing better in the second moto.” 


In the second moto Pourcel chose a starting gate closer towards the middle hoping to get out front at the start and distance himself from the traffic. 


Pourcel: “I had a good jump off the start but the line was so tight, riders were being pushed together.  Some riders who were pushed together crashed and then fell into me knocking me over in the second turn.  It was a hard crash but I managed to get up and work my way up to 8th place.  It wasn’t the finish I had envisioned but the most important thing is to keep a positive attitude because this is just how racing goes sometimes.  We salvaged as many points as we could and we hope to feel better going into next week’s race.”


Pourcel and his wife Samantha have been enjoying travelling in BC and Alberta for the past week between rounds, something the busy couple wouldn’t normally be able to do due to their demanding schedule.  The drive through Banff was something the couple stated was a highlight of their trip so far.  Canada has been treating the team well, and the Pourcels plan to fly into the next round in Regina Saskatchewan where the team will be ready to tackle round 4 of the Canadian MX Nationals.




MX 1 (450)

1. Matt Goerke - Yamaha

2. Dillan Epstein - Kawasaki

3. Colton Facciotti – Honda

4. Tyler Medaglia – Honda

5. Christophe Pourcel - Husqvarna




MX1 (450)

1. Matt Goerke - Yamaha

2. Christophe Pourcel - Husqvarna

3. Dillan Epstein - Kawasaki

4. Colton Facciotti – Honda

5. Tyler Medaglia - Honda

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