Tedesco and Thompson Head East to Arlington

Rockstar Energy Racing put the West Coast in the rear view mirror for the time being and began the long trek through to the East. The continuation of the 450 title chase and round 1 of the East Coast 250 Championship kicked off in the massive Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The team was starting the East swing without Davi Millsaps and Joey Savatgy who were both injured during the offseason. In their place Ivan Tedesco will keep riding the KTM 350 in the 450 class and Cole Thompson will be contesting the 250 class.

Unfortunately the track in AT&T Stadium left something to be desired with the extreme slickness of the soil. During practice it seemed that there was never a time where there wasn't a yellow flag signifying a crash somewhere on the track. The slippery surface made for very tough passing conditions and the need for a good start that much more imperative. It seemed Ivan Tedesco kept getting hung up in the tight first turn although being on the inside. It was evident in qualifying practice that turn one was the most treacherous with several riders losing their front end and going down. Luckily he was able to get through unscathed every time considering that he had to line up for 3 qualifiers to make his way into the main event. He nabbed the very last qualifying position of the night, thus giving him last gate pick.

He definitely got his money's worth for the second time this season as he had to race 4 times in one night. In the main he was forced to start all the way in the farthest  outside gate. The strategy was to pause coming out of the gate and dart back inside in an effort to gain as many positions as possible and avoid being punted out onto the concrete. He was successful in not going down but was unable to garner very many positions. Ivan put in his 20 laps and was able to make his way into 12th place on the treacherous surface, his second best finish of the 2014 season.

Ivan Tedesco: "It was a little bit of a rough night for me. Practice actually went a little better than normal. I qualified 14th, which I guess is good for me since I've been struggling in practice. In the races I just didn't get the greatest of starts and on this track, starting position was important. I had to ride every race, and go to the LCQ to transfer into the main. Once again got a bad start in the main, tried to ride a good 20 laps but just didn't have it tonight."

After taking a stab at the 450 class in a couple West Coast races, Cole Thompson was able to get the bugs out a little bit after not racing for quite some time. He then hopped on the 250 and began testing for the East. After a bad crash as a privateer a year ago in Arlington, Cole wanted to get a good start to the series and come out uninjured and confident heading into round 2. After less than stellar times in qualifying practice, he stepped up his game as racing began, qualifying easily out of his heat race. Even more impressive was his main event. He kept his head together, running a mistake free race and was rewarded with a commendable 6th place finish.

Cole Thompson: "Good progress for the first round, made it through healthy and ended up with some good points. I'm looking forward to Atlanta now that I have one under my belt. I need a better start and to be more aggressive throughout the whole race and I should be able to put myself into a better position."

The team will now head to Atlanta for Round 2. Tedesco sits only 8 points out of the top ten overall for the season and will look to close that gap. Thompson will aim to improve on his 6th place and finish in the top 5. Davi Millsaps has now started riding and fully intends to return to racing during this Supercross season. Joey Savatgy sees the doctor in a little under two weeks and expects to be released to start riding shortly after. Jason Anderson has already began testing for the outdoor nationals as he puts his 250 SX points lead on the back burner until the return to the West in April at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

450SX Results     
1. James Stewart Suz
2. Ryan Dungey KTM
3. Justin Barcia Hon
4. Ryan Villopoto Kaw
5. Justin Brayton Yam
6. Ken Roczen KTM
7. Broc Tickle Suz     
8. Wil Hahn Hon     
9. Josh Hill Suz     
10. Andrew Short KTM
11. Eli Tomac Hon     
12. Ivan Tedesco KTM
13. Kyle Chisholm Yam
14. Nick Wey Kaw     
15. Matt Goerke KTM
16. Justin Sipes Kaw
17. Chris Blose Hon
18. Jimmy Albertson Hon
19. Mike Alessi Suz
20. Weston Peick Suz
21. Teddy Parks Suz
22. Phil Nicoletti Yam

250SX East Region Results     
1. Adam Cianciarulo Kaw     
2. Blake Baggett Kaw     
3. Martin Davalos Kaw     
4. Vince Friese Hon     
5. Justin Bogle Hon     
6. Cole Thompson KTM     
7. Blake Wharton Hon     
8. Kyle Cunningham Hon     
9. Alex Martin Yam          
10. Mitchell Oldenburg Hon     
11. Kyle Peters Hon     
12. Levi Kilbarger Hon     
13. AJ Catanzaro Hon     
14. Jesse Wentland Hon     
15. Jimmy Decotis Hon     
16. Gannon Audette Kaw     
17. Jackson Richardson Hon     
18. Daniel Herrlein Hon     
19. Matt Bisceglia Hon     
20. Gavin Faith Hon     
21. Matt Lemoine Kaw     
22. Anthony Rodriguez Yam     

450SX Point Standings     
1. Ryan Villopoto 144pts Kaw
2. Ken Roczen 132pts KTM     
3. James Stewart 130pts Suz
4. Ryan Dungey 116pts KTM     
5. Justin Brayton 114pts Yam
6. Chad Reed 111pts Kaw     
7. Justin Barcia 109pts Hon     
8. Andrew Short 83pts KTM     
9. Wil Hahn 65pts Hon     
10. Broc Tickle 63pts Suz     
11. Ivan Tedesco 55pts KTM     
12. Weston Peick 54pts Suz     
13. Jake Weimer 50pts Kaw     
14. Nick Wey 39pts Kaw     
15. Josh Hill 38pts Suz     
16. Josh Grant 35pts Yam     
17. Mike Alessi 34pts Suz     
18. Matt Goerke 32pts KTM     
19. Matt Moss 28pts Suz     
20. Vince Friese 28pts Hon     

250SX East Region Point Standings
1. Adam Cianciarulo 25pts Kaw
2. Blake Baggett 22pts Kaw     
3. Martin Davalos 20pts Kaw     
4. Vince Friese 18pts Hon     
5. Justin Bogle 16pts Hon     
6. Cole Thompson 15pts KTM
7. Blake Wharton 14pts Hon     
8. Kyle Cunningham 13pts Hon
9. Alex Martin 12pts Yam     
10. Mitchell Oldenburg 11pts Hon
11. Kyle Peters 10pts Hon     
12. Levi Kilbarger 9pts Hon     
13. AJ Catanzaro 8pts Hon     
14. Jesse Wentland 7pts Hon
15. Jimmy Decotis 6pts Hon     
16. Gannon Audette 5pts Kaw
17. Jackson Richardson 4pts Hon
18. Daniel Herrlein 3pts Hon     
19. Matt Bisceglia 2pts Hon     
20. Gavin Faith 1pt Hon     
21. Matt Lemoine 1pt Kaw     
22. Anthony Rodriguez 1pt Yam

250SX West Region Point Standings
1. Jason Anderson    131pts    KTM
2. Cole Seely    127pts    Hon
3. Justin Hill    107pts    Kaw
4. Dean Wilson    98pts    Kaw
5. Cooper Webb    92pts    Yam
6. Malcolm Stewart    89pts    Hon
7. Jessy Nelson    76pts    Hon
8. Shane McElrath    71pts    Hon
9. Zach Osborne    69pts    Hon
10. Dean Ferris    63pts    KTM
11. Michael Leib    51pts    Hon
12. Dakota Tedder    50pts    Kaw
13. Jake Canada    46pts    Hon
14. Scott Champion    46pts    Yam
15. Valentin Teillet    28pts    Kaw
16. Cole Martinez    24pts    Kaw
17. Darryn Durham    21pts    Kaw
18. Topher Ingalls    19pts    Hon
19. Preston Mull    17pts    Yam
20. Chris Plouffe    13pts    Hon

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